The staff has been selected with various experiences to give the guests the best and most safe tour through Nepal.

They have been living and trekking in the Himalayas for most of their lives.

All have worked their way up, from porter to dishwasher to kitchen-boy to cook and finally to guide. They know, first-hand, the burdens of trek and camp life, and take special care of all porters and other staff.

All guides are well trained in ecologically and culturally sensitive travel-techniques, mountain safety, first aid and more. They are experienced for their job and are informative as well. They all speak good English as well as some other languages. Their service to guests brings them pleasure and a good living.

Most of them have climbed high Himalayan peaks in Nepal and Tibet including Mt. Everest. Some of them have visited Europe and other countries. Some people invited them, as they became good friends while they were in Nepal.

They are dedicated to serving Tourists, Trekkers and Adventure seekers, either singly or in-groups, in hotel, lodge or tent trekking.

Breathtaking scenery, countless mountain trails and new friends will surround you. They will bring you adventures in the wonderful Himalayas.


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